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Hi there, my name is Kate Minear Sorenson and I’m the writer behind Revelry Press. I’m a full time mother/stepmother and a part time writer, photographer, entrepreneur and volunteer. There are a lot of hats that I put on in my daily life and I’m definitely sure that I haven’t excelled in any of them… yet.


For as long as I could remember, I have always wanted to write. I’ve never been published (yet! again, notice the emphasis on the word “yet“) but writing is still the best form of therapy for me as well as the best form of communication with the world. Sometimes we all need a test to prove we love something and my love of writing was truly tested when I suffered a stroke four years ago and I literally couldn’t write. I didn’t ask for my test but after months of speech therapy and years of personal writing exercises I’m writing regularly again and trust me, I will never, ever take for granted my ability to write. And I don’t even mean good writing, I mean the physical act of writing words with a pen or a keyboard. Writing, truly, is a gift.


Back in the stone age, I graduated from a large university in New Jersey with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts. You see, the stone age didn’t have digital cameras let alone Photoshop or Snapseed, so I was raised on film and manual settings and clunky paraphernalia. Thus, I have a little sweet spot in my heart for collecting vintage cameras …


While I never became a famous visual artist, I’ve been taking pictures for a heck of a long time and still doing them. These days I shoot a lot of my photographs with my smartphone, but I still use my cameras for more staged shots. All of the photographs and images on this site are created by myself. I post all of my artistic shots on my Instagram page and on my personal photography site, Kate Minear Sorenson. I have been featured on several sites on Instagram and last year my work was part of a juried photography exhibit sponsored by Experience Columbus.


Before I was taking paychecks from corporate America, I started a little online shop on Etsy. It’s had some fits and starts over the years, but it’s a fun business venture allowing me to spread my creative and crafty wings. It’s much more fun to talk about my escapades with entrepreneurship than the 20 years of working job to job to pay the rent, but if you are so inclined I’ll tell you that I’ve worked as a law clerk, retail clerk, commercial broadcast producer, commercial art salesperson, ad salesperson, baker, training officer, graphic designer and associate vice president in a large bank. According to the Myers-Briggs personality test online, I am a ENFP (Campaigners) and the summary of that personality is:

“If there’s a challenge Campaigners face when selecting a career, it isn’t that they lack talent or options or drive, it’s that there are so many things out there that are just cool.

Ain’t THAT the truth?

But back to the fun stuff. Ever wanted to know how and why Revelry Press was started? Read all about it in this article from 2009 on Columbus Underground, a local news site. Today the shop is getting more wings and hope to be up and running soon.


As I mentioned, I suffered a stroke in late 2012 due to a dissection in my carotid artery. After a brief paralysis on my right side, acute aphasia and five days in the hospital, I started on one of the most difficult chapters of my life: stroke recovery. Bad news, I still have mild aphasia. Good news, I would never have gotten the wisdom that I have now if I hadn’t had the stroke. Obtaining wisdom is not just a rite of passage given to adults because they’ve been around for a while, wisdom is something you get from experiences that either melt your heart, rip your soul to shreds or rattle your bones so much that they might just spontaneously break.  I’ve had enough experiences in my life that made me feel all three at once to know that I am totally certified in wisdom.


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