Made to Order Just for the Moms

So I’m a little rusty on writing promotion blog posts these years (try 8 years), so I’ll just get to the point – Please see this new little itty, bitty, super, duper cute Mother’s Day gift!

As a huge handmade paper fan, blending this with my other love of photography, this new item seemed like a perfect fit. For friends and customers over the years I’ve customized several kind of items like coasters, prints, wedding and party invitations, wall hangings, cards, etc., so I’ve always liked the customization thing. There’s nothing better than seeing the smile or reading an email from someone receiving something I’ve made for them.

And when we are looking for something for our favorite mother’s, there’s nothing better than to make something personal and customized for our mothers.


Here’s a fun and festive wall hanging that can be affixed onto a cork board, dry wall or on a refrigerator with magnets.


The item is a full kit that includes YOUR 4 customized mini rigid cards, YOUR 1 customized typed mini rigid card, clothespins, string, 2 push pins, beautiful handmade paper and a wooden tag. And for those that hate to wrap, this is already wrapped!


The cards themselves are very rigid (42 point or .042 inch), thicker than a credit card. The photographs are transferred to the cards by a heating process. And the hanging rigid cards are much more durable than a thin piece of paper.

There is still lots of time to order these cute little cards before shipping them out for Mother’s Day. It’s super easy; all you need to do is email me your photographs! Then, the cards are produced in only 2-3 days and are shipped for free via priority mail.

**Have I mentioned that the SHIPPING IS FREE? Yes, shipping is free within the United States.**

The full kit is $30 and totally worth the smile from Mom. All details on ordering are in the listing on the Etsy site. Enjoy!

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