The Cooper Matriarch

Not everyday, but once in a while I thing about my grandmother. Over the summer I planted three rose bushes in my backyard and one of them smells just like her perfume and the smell brings me right back home to her little house on the river in Zanesville.  Today it would be fitting to think about her and a Facebook memory popped up on my feed about a blog post that I published several years ago and it seemed too good not to share again and update with some more pictures. Rest in peace, Grandma.


Today’s Photo: The Cooper Matriarch

Grandma3On this day, in 2002, my Grandmother, Rose Cooper died. I wanted to take a second to remember her today, because she was a great lady. And I miss her very much. And I have nothing but good memories of her.

Ever since, family gatherings have never quite been the same to me, although we are all still pretty close. To me, it was the day the matriarch died, though, and the torch was passed to the next generation, which of course makes us all a little closer to the grave ourselves. But simply, if there was ever a person in my life with whom my relationship was never complicated, never strained, never second-guessed, never judged or never treated without anything but respect, it was my relationship with her.




2 thoughts on “The Cooper Matriarch

  1. Kate,
    This is a wonderful tribute to grandma. She is smiling down on you and all of us. She was a wonderful mother-in-law, mother and grandma.
    Coincidentally, that beautiful rose from your garden was my mother’s favorite color rose.


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